The story of how to join the tea shop selected tea tea

do you know the market demand for milk tea? Don’t you wonder why such a small tea shop will be able to see all kinds of tea shops in the shopping mall. Don’t look at the tea shop is small, but the tea market big surprise, according to incomplete statistics, almost every 10 seconds have a cup of tea is consumed, so venture capital of a tea shop will be a good choice. Tea story is Hunan long run Trading Co., Ltd. under the super brand, tea tea tea chain stores to provide consumers with a more healthy, more dynamic and special drinks. Therefore, in recent years, the momentum is increasingly fierce tea story.

tea shop to join what story selected tea tea?

Tea Story tea brand, since 2008 officially entered the market, followed by Taiwan and Hongkong are the world’s top food trends, learn food chain management and operation experience, professional teacher training team, the gold medal in person to the supervision of the operating team, 24 hours of intimate awesome customer service team, leading the fashion trend of inland snacks drinks R & D team to 2012, tea story has composed more than 150 professional personnel of high quality gold service operation team to join the success of entrepreneurship escort


tea tea tea to join the three major advantages are as follows:

product development advantages:

tea story always provide safe and healthy delicious tea for the consumer, starting from the selection of raw materials, strictly control the training processing and transportation of each link, will drink safety as a fundamental of business survival, allow consumers to buy the rest assured to eat at ease,

equipment storage advantages:

headquarters has a professional logistics management team, providing a full range of operational services, to ensure that each franchisee can be timely and accurate delivery of each order.

training operational advantages:

signed an agreement to join the franchisee can enjoy the company’s set of perfect, intimate training courses. Franchisee in store operations in the process of any problems, have the gold medal for you to develop a solution.

if you have the desire to join, please leave a message below our website, we will contact you at the first time when we see the message.