The reason the rich richer and the poor poorer worth a look

rich and poor in every age, the rich richer and the poor poorer, this phenomenon in every country will appear. Unfortunately, the rich wealth is not more than and 100 years ago, "the Gilded Age" the "robber barons" ancestors that stole, but not as rich as ancient and modern means of power.

and wealth to enhance the degree of concentration, is fundamentally a product of the market and technology innovation, which makes any form of "Robin Hood", no longer has the morals that natural past.

in the brutal colonial era, the British and continental European countries, the emerging capitalist charitable donations, but over the same period, the country’s social and economic inequality has become increasingly prominent, bring about industrialization and city expanding governance chaos eventually led to the "small government" was the end, the government will have to provide public products to expand tax authority.

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