The most suitable for novice entrepreneurs several projects

for a lack of experience, there is not enough money to start a new venture. Small business is undoubtedly the most intelligent choice, then the choice of what project? The following small for a few thousand dollars for your inventory of project business, for your choice of business.

A, 1000 yuan to open a refreshing drink "tonic" stall

tonic is no money no best project experience small entrepreneurs. It has the advantages of less investment, only need to purchase a few simple tables and chairs, three hundred yuan of raw materials, three hundred yuan of liquidity, the investment of less than 1 thousand yuan, the risk is very small; the operation is simple, just a day can make a sweet and cool, good to hear or see leisure drinks. Ready to open the door for a week; flexibility, so that local consumers in accordance with their favorite tastes with their own. Return fast, high profits, opened a month to recover the investment to achieve profitability. Most important of all, it is a project that meets the needs of the market.


two, 2000 yuan to open a photo shop leaves


investment conditions

1. Production of raw materials invested about 100 yuan, each cost at $0. 1 yuan.

2. Shops investment: can choose 6 – 8 square meters of shops or near the large department stores, supermarket stalls. According to the different rents around the store stalls, rental investment will be different.

three, the benefit of small fry brand 2000 yuan can start

fry brand has a legal basis for

2001 in the country, "trademark law" after the amendment, allowing the registration of trademarks in person, as well as the right to hold >