Sichuan first to explore the establishment of venture capital fund to return home

is now the number of the whole urban and rural entrepreneurs are constantly increasing, in the business process of the urban and rural entrepreneurs, some local government departments also presented policy subsidy measures many, in Sichuan on the establishment of the establishment of the home business risk sharing funds.

88 counties are about to start the implementation of poverty, the provincial financial counties are subsidized 2 million yuan

is one of the important factors affecting capital return rate and the success rate of the occurrence of entrepreneurship. "If the direct subsidies of entrepreneurs, not only benefit small, less, and higher cost of screening, Xinancaida School of Finance vice president Li Jianjun think, Sichuan explore the establishment of home business risk sharing funds, financial institutions can reduce concerns, improve the credit investment enthusiasm, precise grasp of the home business" pain points ", will be effective stimulate the public entrepreneurial potential.

previously, our province for home business has introduced a package of policy support. The design of the system of risk sharing fund to support the system more perfect, home entrepreneurs can enjoy the intimate service at each stage.

The establishment of


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