How much money to open a small dry cleaning franchise

if you intend to invest in entrepreneurship, the dry cleaning industry can be considered as your focus. Worried about their money is not enough to do? Open a small dry cleaning franchise is a good choice. So, what is the need to open a small dry cleaning franchise? Today Xiaobian for you to roughly estimate.

to friends and family more time together? Do not want to spare normal schedule as earn money? Want to earn money in a state of respect? Join Witters dry cleaning may help you solve this problem. Low investment, zero risk, high income can only have several characteristics at the same time in the dry cleaning of this industry, as long as human beings in civilized society, people will inevitably wear clothes to wear shoes, for women, the bag is indispensable.

beauty of the heart, the person all has. A variety of colors of clothes, each year than the main push of the new, always changing, women’s wardrobe is always missing so few clothes. This leads to the rise of the apparel industry, is a direct result of the rapid rise of the dry cleaning industry, all kinds of high-grade fabrics do not recommend washing the clothes on their tips, all can not remove the stains, many people are already accustomed to clothes to the dry cleaner, because conventional household washing has been unable to meet their needs. And the dry cleaning shop is really professional and clean, so the dry cleaners slowly appeared.

but not a big market demand, you open a dry cleaning shop can make pots overflowing, and not. Witters Laundry International did a number of join and self cleaners profit investigation, survey, shop is far less than the stores earn more. Even many stores face no business on the verge of closing the horrors.