Li Dandan WeChat to sell Ejiao monthly income of over 10000 yuan

network such a tool, it is not only to make our lives more convenient, but also can become a channel to make money, to help more entrepreneurs to achieve the goal of getting rich. This does not, the hero of Li Dandan on the use of WeChat business, the sale of gelatin, the monthly income of over 10000 yuan target.

from the hands of 800 yuan to start a business, to sign a contract worth $800 thousand from an ordinary micro business to the general agent in Heilongjiang province…… Li Dandan made a trip from less to more, from the road of entrepreneurship. Although the road is difficult, full of hard work, but she said, the life of the business is very exciting, they will venture on the road, a way to black".

talk about entrepreneurial stories, 38 year old Li Dandan said, is derived from an accidental.

one day last year, the end of October, the unit organized blood donations, Li Dandan among them. "This is donkey hide gelatin, blood is very good." After that, a friend sent her a large bag of ready to eat crab cake. On the second day, she took the donkey hide gelatin cake to the unit, assigned to donate blood with colleagues, we all feel good after eating, but also to help her buy a few bags.

at this time, the idea of entrepreneurship in Li Dandan’s mind. Usually pay attention to the maintenance of her thought: since it is a good thing, should be shared with more people. Northeast of the lack of such high quality, excellent price of health tonic, this is a business opportunity."

everything is difficult at the beginning, for Li Dandan, is no exception. Sell nutritious food, if the quality is not pass, a good thing will become a bad thing, I must find manufacturers to determine the source, quality clearance, can be assured to do." After making up his mind, Li Dandan patiently to the factory sales staff and sales manager to call, and finally make the other feel her sincerity, willing to provide the source.

"you don’t have to buy from a friend, why do you have to find us?" The sales manager asked. In order to allow more friends to eat good things fly." Her answer.

with the rapid spread of WeChat, Li Dandan became a micro business army in a. Because agent Ejiao, she also deliberately took a WeChat.

Li Dandan is selling gelatin tonic, she continues to learn professional knowledge, product sales skills, but also to collect customer feedback, WeChat group relations and training agency, planning activities…… Every day busy without touching, working late into the night is often the case.

Li Dandan also knows that to become a successful micro business, integrity is the most important. The end of last year, the customer made a phone call two bags of gelatin, Li Dandan and his wife drove on the road. Floating in the sky with light snow, two people carefully drove the car, with more than an hour recommended