What to do to make money million venture projects recommended

for the majority of entrepreneurs, not too many venture capital, so alternative projects will decrease, so for only a few million venture capital entrepreneurs, what are the options?

now special festivals, such as Valentine’s day, father’s day, mother’s day, Mid Autumn Festival, Christmas, Spring Festival, plus friends birthday, all gifts are the days. We should go to the festival every day to send any gifts and pains, gift shop is a place where we often visit. At present the gift shop high grade gift although many, but due to the production line, it is difficult to express the giver’s friendship. Some pure Handmade gifts, because of its popular buyers have great originality, and more to the recipient’s welcome. Therefore, to do a handmade gift shop both stylish and rich.

in respect of leisure time, dessert is a rising trend in the industry, have dessert elegant comfortable environment, modern people can fully alleviate the tense and busy nerve. Dessert is a light and simple dessert, is characterized by young and old, fresh and delicious. Site selection, as long as the location of many people can be best located in the business district, near the large market, next to the cinema, industrial quarters, office buildings and other places. Hold the Ningquewulan the principle should be cooked dessert, not a lot of inventory; sold again after proper cooking, to keep the product fresh, because most avoid dessert overnight. Different desserts, are not to be sweet as signs, the most important is the sweet, there are all kinds of flavor, such as sugar and orange, fruit, almonds or tofu with brown sugar, make "sweet" characteristics. A 15 square meters of sweet shop, the monthly profit of up to $4500 to $7000.