Ministry of agriculture to respond to the Ministry of agriculture genetically modified transgenic fo

Ministry of Agriculture held a press conference 13, the authority to respond to several major issues in the field of genetically modified. The Ministry of agriculture official said that the requirements of the transformation is clear, is consistent, that is to study on the bold, adhere to independent innovation; promotion to be careful, so to ensure safety; management should strictly adhere to the law supervision.

1 what are the genetically modified varieties on the market?

"so far, China approved the commercialization of genetically modified crops planted only two species, one transgenic cotton, and the other is genetically modified virus resistant papaya." Chinese, academician of Academy of engineering, the national agricultural genetically modified organisms safety committee chairman Wu Kongming introduced, in addition to cotton and papaya, China has approved GM crops for processing imported raw materials, including soybean, corn, rapeseed, cotton, sugar beet. In addition, the circulation of the domestic market of wheat, tomato, garlic, onion, purple sweet potato, potatoes, peppers, carrots and other food and vegetables, are not genetically modified varieties.

is a genetically modified agricultural products only through genetic testing. Like transgenic insect resistant cotton, you can see the difference from the harm of insects, really come up with seeds, people can not see. There is no difference in appearance and color between GM and conventional breeding." Wu Kongming said.

2 China’s transgenic safety evaluation is strict?

safety issues related to genetically modified foods has been a hot issue of social concern. How to evaluate the safety evaluation system of genetically modified food in China? Strict?

"in accordance with the provisions of the State Council promulgated the" Regulations on the safety management of agricultural genetically modified organisms "and the corresponding supporting system, China has carried out a strict phased evaluation. For example, from the laboratory research stage began, and then to the middle small scale test in the field, and is a large-scale environmental release, production test, safety assessment certificate, a total of five stages, which in the world is the one and only, the same school and children, a level to move forward, each level of examination pass on the termination." Wu Kongming said.

Wu Kongming believes that the world has a large number of authoritative scientific research institutions to carry out a lot of research on genetically modified products, the overall results of these studies prove that genetically modified foods have been approved for listing is safe.

3 transgenic species phenomenon spread?

because of the pest resistance of transgenic crops is good, in recent years, some areas of China’s farmers have not been approved for the cultivation of genetically modified crops. For example, there are media exposure Hubei, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, local officials have discovered the illegal cultivation of genetically modified rice, soybeans and corn. Is this phenomenon spreading?