The future of the most money scene of the ten industries 2015 Edition

1, Internet service industry

in the past two years, the Internet industry is taking all-powerful trend changing more and more traditional industries, and their great energy and talent to attract huge demand and desire, also makes the two Internet companies raise speed curve near steep upward. Generally speaking, in the first-tier cities, with BAT as the representative of the first Internet company to graduates starting salary is not high, but as long as the hard work, outstanding ability, in fact after the entry of 2, 3 years, it is easy to get more than 100 thousand yuan annual salary.

and Internet Co in the three line, under the same conditions, the general technical staff salary can reach 150 thousand yuan. Quasi second line of Internet Co’s basic salary of ordinary employees can also reach or exceed 200 thousand yuan, compared with many traditional industries, such a level of income is absolutely enviable. After more than 5 years of experience, the income gap will widen the Internet companies.

The future trend of

: the Internet itself is a rapidly changing industry, the number of popularity of different sub sectors of the monopoly, often with the industry development speed and business, the more popular with internet banking, electricity providers, video search, etc.. From the technical personnel’s professional skills, with the exception of.Net, C and other outdated technology, other skills, including PHP, Java, PM, Android, especially the platform for the development of the IOS language, in the choice often can have more. For example, the development of large data, cloud computing, search, mobile Internet and other popular areas have a large number of high paying jobs.

in addition to technical personnel, there are two types of talent is that many Internet companies, especially small and medium business types of talents needed. One is familiar with the network marketing professionals. B2B companies and B2C companies have a higher demand for such talent. Another is to understand the professional skills of e-commerce professionals. In contrast, B2B companies demand for such talent is more intense.

in addition, but also pay attention to is, overall, as an emerging industry, the Internet company has more significant difference in different city and region. Data show that Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, the highest level of income. Thus, the Chinese Internet companies are still concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Beijing, the three most economically developed