How to manage the staff of cosmetics chain store

cosmetic chain store business is largely determined by the sales staff, excellent staff can drive sales rise, and unqualified employees will even affect the reputation of your store. So for the cosmetics stores entrepreneurs, for employees to develop and to implement a strict system of rewards and penalties.

how quantitative, for example, full attendence award, month holiday season vacation, year vacation, reward layer increased. For example, a late, ten minutes, the number of buckle, half an hour how much deduction, how many times to leave early, how many times to ask for a deduction, etc..

with quantitative provisions, should be strictly enforced, because do not take care of employees, but missed their money, because today you missed her tomorrow, another employee will use this as an excuse for not withhold their money managers, in order not to cause the partial answer only, such rules. Not the overhead of the


quantitative constraints to reward employees, this is a very good management method, the entry is too small, not managers not humane, but according to the actual work of the. A cosmetics store, to operate well on the staff to sell, so only strictly bound them, in order to play their greatest ability.

had to admit that many fine measures are not strictly quantitative, some small problems repeated, not employees interested in violation of the provisions, but in many cases they forget the rules. For example, when working, an employee’s cell phone rang, she took a look at the familiar number, habitually press the dial.

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