Shanghai dumping Taihu incident tracking

life will inevitably produce a lot of garbage, in order to protect the environment from pollution, every place has its own garbage treatment series. For the last exposure of the dumping of garbage in Taihu Shanghai incident, the recent progress. July 12th, under the leadership of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of greening and the city’s waste management department, the reporter went to the old port of Shanghai construction waste disposal sites, on-site view of someone’s disposal of construction waste.

8 ships involved in the construction of all the garbage discharged, about four or five days

the old port of solid waste disposal base south pier, 7 ship cargo ship cargo ship moored quietly, 5 surface covered with cloth, apparently carrying goods, two cargo have been absolutely empty. "There’s another dock at the North pier." Old port waste Co., Ltd. operations manager Zhang Jun told reporters.

, the first time the construction of garbage, did not expect so." From Jiangsu Taizhou man surnamed boatman some sigh. "The middleman found us carrying things, we do not understand the construction waste to prove." The boss said he was educated this time, can only wait for the discharge of the patient, and then do not transport construction waste."

"we are working overtime to unload the construction waste of someone’s ship." Zhang Jun said that the 8 vessels involved in July 10th arrived at the old port at 17 on, the morning of 11, they arranged for people to work overtime unloading.

in the north near the pier of the old port construction waste emergency disposal sites, the reporter saw the unloading of construction waste has been piled hill, two workers are sorted in the mountains, woven bags, foam is out. After a while, 4 green special earthmoving vehicles came, posted on the hill, the car will be poured out of construction waste. This is the construction of garbage from the ship on someone involved." Zhang Jun said, the 8 ships are about to unload about four or five days."

in the construction waste consumptive field according to the sort, the maximum possible resource

"of these decoration garbage and demolition waste, we will conduct a preliminary sorting, then at the disposal of old port area, for the construction of landfill sidewalk, or for site preparation, to achieve the reuse of resources." Shanghai Green City Bureau waste pipe construction waste management section chief Liu Dongsheng said.

in Fengxian District Shanghai Ding subgrade materials Co., Jami, reporters saw the construction waste out of the car. On one side of the yard, the crushed material piled up high, thick directly for subgrade construction, fine can be made of brick road." Company staff pointed to the side of the thick iron wire heap, this sorting out, you can also recycle."

"the rapid development of urban construction in Shanghai, a large amount of construction waste, reuse of resources is the best way out." Liu Dongsheng said recommendation