Hefei public good welfare in November can be free to swim eight miles River

in our lives, with the continuous improvement of material living standards, people have a new pursuit of spiritual life, the most important manifestation of tourism. The Eight Mile River Tourist Zone Yingshang County of Anhui province in Hefei today held a news conference to announce: November 1st to 30, the people of Hefei eight free tour of the river. Want to go Eight Mile River sightseeing tourists, do not miss the opportunity oh!

Hefei people if you want to travel in the near future, November can be free to swim Eight Mile River, is given to the exclusive welfare of the people of Hefei, the opportunity not to be missed easily! Eight Mile River tourist area rippling blue waves, antique, in October 2013 was awarded the national 5A class tourist attractions, but also the only one in Northern Anhui 5A scenic spots, starting from Hefei, only two hours to reach. Scenic relevant responsible person said, the next step will be free of charge to other cities in the province to open.

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