Open the fashion store business

environmental protection era, the bike again popular, many young people are rushing to buy you a stylish bicycle as a means of transport, so the bike shop opened a lot of entrepreneurs to invest in a good choice. The bicycle shop business is very prosperous, in the end is why?

Starting from the


2005, 18 year old Yang Zhiru graduated from technical secondary school, the what kind of job that he was guilty. Once, he saw the BMX extreme sports on the Internet (flat fancy bike), which makes him excited.

the bicycle with the understanding and study, Yang Zhiru of love has been unable to stop the bike, 2007 he had opened a bike shop in their own ideas. At first, the family thought I was too young to experience. But I insist on their own business, and slowly began to find their own brand." Yang Zhiru said, when the DIY bike (assembly bike) is particularly popular, he put the car in the low-end positioning of the finished product sold bicycles, high-end sales of DIY bicycles. Accessories optional, color design.

From the start of