Bullfrog love shrimp delicious and healthy two

small has not recognized the destruction of chain restaurants, but if the acceptable range of operation, there are still recognized the necessary. Take us today to introduce the bullfrog fell in love with shrimp brand.

shrimp since ancient times is the health Jiapin, and taste delicious, young and old. Whether it is shrimp, shrimp or crayfish, they contain a lot of vitamin B12, also rich in zinc, iodine and selenium, calories and fat is relatively low, and can enhance the body’s immunity and sexual function, kidney impotence, premature senescence resistance. But shrimp also sedative, commonly used to treat neurasthenia. Shrimp can be described as treasure.

in terms of health, bullfrog offal can be pharmaceutical, tender meat, delicious taste, is a low fat high protein foods. Not only has the function of nourishing the bullfrog detoxification, poor digestive function, hyperacidity or physical weak people can be used for nourishing the body; but also can promote the human Qi, of go, Ziyin impotence, effect of Yangxin Anshen Qi, is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients.

bullfrog falls in love with shrimp, it’s nutritional value is not to be underestimated, bullfrog fell in love with shrimp, these two kinds of high-grade nutrition to be combined, made a delicious, nutritious food. Dry pot and hot pot of two to eat dishes, dry pot spicy delicious, spicy taste of hot pot. A dish, two kinds of eating, while enjoying the fun and enjoy the delicious.

bullfrog fell in love with shrimp, innovative achievements in the development, quality of survival, attitude determines success or failure, service brand building for the enterprise concept. In order to "bullfrog falls in love with shrimp" to build into an international chain brand for enterprise goals. Always adhere to the spirit of innovation and development, dedication and enterprising, the pursuit of excellence, while carrying forward the traditional Chinese food culture, casting industry model.


above is just to love this brand of shrimp bullfrog simple introduction, if you do not know what the brand to join the problem you want to consult us, please give us a message on our website below.