How to operate a hair salon to earn big money

all start, many people are not in the hair will suck stage, actually do hair cost is not high, only need a certain technology, many open salon, but few can make a lot of money, the reason is because the market of hairdressing shop too much, the market competition pressure too big. If you can not properly arrange the shop, it is likely to fail, or not to make money. So, how to manage the hair salon to make money? Here’s a list of suggestions to see!

first, the annual business plan

making annual business plan is a very important work for hair salon operators. When making a year of marketing goals, each salon will use the results of the previous year on the basis of a few percent increase.

two, financial management

, as a smart boss, must be familiar with the financial situation of the store. In order to pursue profit, need to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. On the completion of the quota quota of employees, to implement the method of excess Commission, so that employees on the basis of increased income, to ensure the profitability of the enterprise. The quota should be taken into account in the following aspects: the basic wages, benefits, rent, equipment depreciation, utilities, fuel, materials and other expenses and taxes.

three, the formulation of the work charter

foreign beauty salon industry, Haircut stereotypes, perm, shampoo and other procedures, meticulous division of labor, duties, so there is no need to learn a full set of process technology. However, China’s beauty salon industry must grasp the full set of procedures for the various processes of the technology, the preparation of the system procedures, in order to improve the quality of service.

four, branch management

how to operate a hair salon to make big money? It is an important management job to keep a store in a hair salon and coordinate the work of the store.

five, service management

"finish work early and have a rest early." This is the working principle of manual labor. Manual labor will once scuffling endless, originally 20 minutes can be done, imperceptibly stopped talking to people, it took 40 minutes or 1 hours to finish. Delaying working hours means delaying work time and reducing your rest time.

six, environmental health management

hair salon needs to create an elegant, clean and bright environment, therefore, environmental health must do a good job.

seven, to create a good environment, < / recommendation