Entrepreneurial business skills how to do a good job in the telephone sales

in the course of the sale of the phone, 20 seconds after the phone is essential. Arouse the attention and interest of the client is what you need to learn. This article describes how to effectively organize the opening, to help sales staff to improve the sales skills and success rate. When you take the initiative to call a strange customer, your goal is to allow the customer to buy the products or services you introduce. However, most of the time, you will find that you have just made a start, be polite or rude refusal. Now, let’s look at how to effectively organize the opening, to improve the success rate of telemarketing.

clear and ready. Generally speaking, 20 seconds after the call is critical. You can hold this 20 seconds, you may have to spend at least one minute to start your effective, including:

1. introduce you and your company

2. explain the reason for calling

3. understand customer needs. Explain why each other should talk to you, or at least listen to you.

from the other end of the phone customer’s attention: active play the most important thing is to arouse the attention and interest of customers. For the people who be strangers to each other, generally are not prepared to continue the conversation, will put down the phone at any time. You need to be well prepared for the script, the language, the charm of your voice to attract attention.

1. can arouse interest in the general description

"I understand that your department’s mobile phone calls per month over a million. The purpose of my call is to let you know that our scheme can reduce the cost by half……"

2. with the problem to get the attention of each other

"from the information you provide on your car insurance, for the sum of 5000 yuan. At present, the average cost of repairs, claims for 9300 yuan, your insurance coverage is not enough, how do you intend to do?"

3. heartfelt praise

"as your company in the field of printers far more than competitors in the leading position, our company provides customers travel room nights last year accounted for 38% of the industry, which is much higher than the second 15%……"

4. raised the severity of the problem

5. by analogy

"Mrs. Hu, Dongan district has 56% homes installed anti-theft alarm device." Community crime