How to keep the customer

mother and child supplies industry is now very popular, so the mother and child supplies store is also a lot of friends, if you want to open the mother and child supplies store, you have to better deal with the relationship between customers, to find ways to retain customers. Customers are God for all businesses are the truth, so the maternal and child supplies store in the course of the business, we must entertain their customers in the store, so as to better manage.

so baby products store in the process of operation, how to serve the customers? Here to introduce the mother and child supplies store shop tips.

with eyes and body language to communicate with customers. Sometimes, the customer may just be looking for a commodity, do not need a detailed explanation of the shopping guide, so when there is no time to talk, you can look through the eyes or body language to guide customers to find goods.

found to have neglected customer, timely apology. Because many customers, the advantages will inevitably ignore some of the customers, these customers are often ignored because there is not enough attention and enthusiasm to drop, or even give up directly to buy. So when the customer is returned to the cold, it should be given a response immediately, and sincere apology, to maximize the retention of customers.

improve work efficiency. In the maternal and child supplies store sales peak, the shopping guide to improve efficiency, shorten the time for each customer service, in the shortest possible time to solve the problem of consumers.


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