Shanghai Baoshan District the 18 business Carnival to carry out the fifth

Compared with other places, Shanghai’s college students in China’s fastest growing economic base, where students are more innovative and entrepreneurial quality

. The fifth carnival was held recently in Baoshan District, a number of students to show their entrepreneurial ideas.

10 18, the dream sail · Shanghai Univer business challenge in Baoshan District green fashion metropolis will officially start. 36 students from Shanghai Univer students formed six students in the green fashion world plaza stage practice of entrepreneurship.

in response to the municipal government to encourage entrepreneurship appeal, further create a good business climate in this region, Baoshan District human resources and Social Security Bureau in cooperation with the Shanghai Univer, Shanghai Univer jointly launched the "dream sail" business challenge activities, and actively explore new path integration schools, government, social resources, and strive to provide a good environment for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. The event was the temple town community affairs reception service center, green fashion metropolis will be strongly supported by the government, universities, enterprises, three party cooperation success stories.

6 family members of the company is 36 students from Shanghai Univer of different majors and different grade enthusiastic students of entrepreneurship, they through rigorous interviews at the beginning of September to enter Shanghai Univer SCOPE development training center. Baoshan entrepreneurial expert group and the big SCOPE on the participating teams conducted a total of three pre competition training, including face to face communication, business plan roadshow and Market Research activities. The team will organize their own field research to determine the sales of goods, the formation of a business plan, the final guidance and evaluation by the expert group.

10 the morning of 18 August 9, together with the students creative ingenuity and the sales contest kicked off on time. The students are using the marketing strategy to actively promote the company’s products, set up some figures and positive interactions with customers, provide some pictures in order to attract the attention of customers, these diverse and creative marketing methods to attract a lot of customers before Sunday, the new green space will be crowded. Customers can also scan two-dimensional code to pay more quickly and easily.