The best conversion Taobao customer service skills

since the beginning of 08 years of online shopping, contact a lot of Taobao customer service, whether standing in the buyer’s point of view and seller’s point of view, have found that customer service for the network is how important.

products for buyers, and I have to worry about a lot of problems, if the customer can help me answer, let me in the process of product selection, to find the most suitable for me.

for sellers, need to improve the conversion rate, if the customer can help me improve the conversion, increase the price, let me just get promotion sales promotion cost does not increase under the condition that I will love this service very.

but what is the current majority of customer service on Taobao? Many of them are, and the customer asks, "customer service!". They were all taken by customers. When it’s best to end the conversation, the customer asks, "I’ll see again, and I’ll contact you later.". Then turn off your web page and go to your peers.

for this customer service, he can clinch a deal, more are those who have strong demand for products customers. But the few customers, more is that they know what you want, but to buy what is not very clear, need a person to help you guide me, and especially afraid to spend money to buy is not good, by relatives and friends joke.

how should Taobao’s customer service get further promotion?

we are selling products, but please remember, in this society where the person lacks trust, we sell the trust first before we sell the product. No trust, your product is good, I have more interest, then I order is very small.

give you a conversion pretty good sales process.

first, attract customers,

secondly, let customers be interested in themselves,

again, develop trust

finally contributed to the sale of

Li Leiting uses a story beside himself to make a description of the four points above.

is now in August, after 10 days the students go to school, every year there will be a lot of new report, I have also worked as a freshman, but this time I was really old happens. After school, many students are willing to spare some time to do some part-time work in class, so that they can increase their social experience, and secondly, they can earn some income.

another school season a year, I and my classmates are from the new promotion for the old. At the beginning of the new semester, many of those who sell mobile Unicom phone cards will contact us these old, let us help them to sell phone cards, a $50 phone card, can have more than 20 dollars of profit. This profit is quite impressive for our students.

my classmates, how do they sell phone cards? Let’s Li Lei >