Personal webmaster’s sorrow the nternet’s one size fits all and nest inside

After 10 years of strong development,

Internet has created countless miracles and changed people’s way of life. The Internet has become the basic living needs of modern people. We can freely publish ideas, start a business trip and seek a happy life. However, in the Internet helps us create huge wealth and profits, but not for us to establish the correct network values, personal website exists or not, the Internet giant mutual attack, and the spirit of innovation oriented are unreasonable, or even bad exists, there is no reasonable standard, no good coordination mechanism, innovation does not have the correct guidance, there is only power and profit generated by a hybrid, not the core values of the internet.

one, I hope the network "one size fits all" approach never happen again.

remember 09 years because of extreme network management behavior led to my stop stop in December 3rd, and continued for two weeks, can not access, and finally had to change the host. Without any illegal content, but suffered such treatment, this is why, personal protection of the rights of the owners, who should appeal to, no one pointed out the direction, only silently bear. These are we working every day more than 12 hours of individual stationmaster should pursue their dreams in this unreasonable behavior infestation under it, this is what we say to encourage entrepreneurship environment, it is our network brings the value and significance of our specification, where, where is the restriction mechanism, responsible for who is such a large area of damage to individual owners of the event, shouldn’t we ask myself well. In addition, there is one point to say is that the CN domain name event, a common sense of the people will feel incredible, CN domain name overnight allows individual registration. So, how do individuals previously buy CN domain name, the purchase money should not be returned, but no one answer this simple question, so absurd, such a ridiculous thing happened in my life on earth. Where has the hearing mechanism gone? Such a large area has an impact on the interests of most people, and the hearings have not been released, which is absurd. From these two points we can see the necessity and urgency of establishing the network of legal norms, the norms of some reason no longer adapt to the new era of Internet demand, the correct network values should also set up a better hope for the future, such things will not happen again.

two, the coordination mechanism of network supervision should be established.

QQ and the 360 recent events to attack each other, that we lack the correct values to guide the network company, the giant is a model of the entire Internet industry entrepreneurs seek, and these models are not worthy of our praise style, nor can make us worthy to follow the network values. In addition, the gunman, abusive stress, what is this value, all of the network we can see, "don’t be evil", three simple words to let two Internet giants shame. From >