Website can not ignore communication

maybe someone saw this topic will have a kind of "want to laugh" feeling, do website to communicate, this is everybody knows thing. But it is this well-known event that is easy to ignore. In exchange, many owners have been complaining about his time is too little, all through the night in front of the computer, which is often the case, some extra time with others xiankan. But do you know exactly how much benefit you can benefit from website communication?

1, the accumulation of contacts.

that’s self-evident. Communicating with others is in itself a process of accumulating personal connections.

2, help webmasters to pinpoint the site’s location more quickly.

most successful websites are well suited to meeting the specific needs of specific types of users. Conversely, failed sites do not know who is using them and why they use their web site. This is the location of the site.

at this time, to communicate with the user, you can better understand the strengths and limitations of this site, positioning more clearly identify the Webmaster Help faster website; and the webmaster exchange, learn from their success experience, to give yourself a wake-up call.

3, Qucuqujing, absorb the opinions and suggestions of goodwill to others.

I ( CEO, Cai Liwen attaches great importance to user feedback and opinions, he has repeatedly said that because of the user’s views, the site can have today’s wind and water trend. "There are users to reflect that the banner picture is too simple and rough, so we carried out a comprehensive improvement, today you can find that our website template is a combination of diversity and exquisite…… Pay attention to the user’s opinions and suggestions, to bring us great returns, the growing number of users, the user’s stickiness is also getting higher and higher."

in the exchange, it is inevitable to encounter such and such people, which requires us to have a pair of "eye", any useful content for the construction of the site, you can learn from and absorb.

4, alternative promotion, sometimes can achieve word-of-mouth marketing effect.

word-of-mouth marketing is characterized by people’s feelings about a product or service is very good, they will deliver products and services to the third, so that other people understand the product or service. It is the use of mutual communication between people to achieve, with a high credibility advantages.

in the process of communicating with others in the opportunity to promote their own website out, when users feel a content was very helpful to them, they will be able to sell the site to their friends and relatives. Through the mouth between people, ears will spread slower, but its credibility is very high, is a sticky site users indispensable magic weapon.

sometimes stopped to rest in order to go farther. No matter how busy you are, stop and see what other people are thinking about. What do you do,