Successful Taobao customers have to collect 3 N databases two

must be collected in front of success of Taobao customers of the 3+N database (a), and share three databases, Taobao must collect guest today, is to discuss the four database of the last guest database.

qualified as a guest, must have their own social circle, their customer base is not only Taobao, Taobao, any industry is such, with the industry practitioners to accumulate data, these data are what



first, ask referred to here, and not see a master would have gone to talk about "how do you promote?", "you can earn a month?" and "can you teach me how to do Taobao off?", we are adults, you will have a people have known account of your earning manipulation and salary? If not, don’t ask others not so naive to answer the question.

then, what is the value of the consultation? As shown in the following picture:


no one can be free to reveal all of his money cheats like a stranger without a reservation. But for a few simple questions, many people still want to answer.

, for example, if you ask "now Taobao customers can also use short URL jump?", such a problem, if you go to find information, then, may take an hour or more, but if I know, I just answer one sentence: "such violations", you can save a lot of time, but this answer, there is no loss for the answer itself.

for a questioner, a simple answer can solve a problem. That is the value of communication.

about the Taobao alliance, you can also see the impact of the Taobao alliance rules changes on Taobao (six)



own a Taobao customer circle, you can get to know more weaknesses, but also a person with breadth of vision, can save a lot of time, you know, some things are free, you can get the process but need to spend a lot of time and money.

especially some software resources, although the software is free, but if you do not, you have to spend a lot of time to search for the test, but if someone has, perhaps will be free to share out, this share is also no harm to itself, but it can help save a lot of friends for software the time shown above:



as mentioned above, the industry specializing in surgery, some friends at the QQ group marketing, some friends at the PS.