Personal website two way with the nternet or make money

The development of

Chinese Internet and personal website support is absolutely inseparable, not thousands on thousands of personal websites, the Internet world would not have so many exciting content, but because of the particularity of personal websites, personal websites are often very much hurt a people’s heart, will undoubtedly become a stepping stone Chinese Internet the development of the Internet, funerary.

site is easy to do, even if the site no matter how small, domain name, space, this has to spend money to buy it, huge webmaster base, this has to spend much, the Internet is prosperity anyway. With the website, but the cruel reality will soon break the original good expectations. Of course, even a penny earned less than the loss is not too much, but in order to give the website time? Because website profit problem, and the loss of those happy days? If you really pay and may get the return, it is OK, but the current owners have a person a dream without action, and there are several full charged


can be seen from the Baidu and Taobao recent events, many personal webmaster Ali Mama received special treatment of Baidu, not only affects the income, but also may become the object of Baidu kill, personal website move sheire who? Baidu and Taobao fighting, personal websites suffer, many owners to Baidu curse, that does not rely on Baidu, but that’s just angry words, who do not want to make money? Who rely on the flow, according to the current situation is still Baidu, after the gas, do have to do, it is not in the long struggle to survive as a funerary, brave.


domain name, space a year renewal time, your site now see profitable dawn? Is it to be blind to continue?

if you want to become Ma as well to the influential man, your great dream, have nothing to say, just don’t die too ugly for personal webmaster, how well do the multi station office website, we do not earn a year 889 dream OK? A month to earn one thousand or two thousand dollars and how? Than you all day for a website profit and depressed is much better, the reality didn’t what harm.

if you do what is now the site to worry about, if you have a web site now but is not profitable, if the site is to rely on advertising alliance meager income, it is better to start again, make a strong pragmatic refinement of local industry can benefit the people side where the station can be, easy to operate, good than by advertising the League live strong, do not have to worry about today is down right, tomorrow is K, and there is a great development prospects, you need to know that the city is in the continuous development of the city, more and more, more and more websites. And once accepted by local netizens, the search engine dependence will be much worse, just like this Baidu and Taobao station, at least the risk will be reduced.

, if you think your site positioning is accurate, that is difficult to profit, then really do a bit of work, do not stop at the stage of the study, the actual work done must do