Where is the real meaning of the entrepreneurial contest

in 2015, all over the country every year to hold a venture contest. A variety of entrepreneurial competition awards or funds, or support policies. But those who won the award of the entrepreneurial competition, after the game really get a good opportunity?

each era has its unique label, such as the now popular venture. Ma Yun in the NASDAQ bell scene boiling the whole domestic aspiring young and old, we have Ma Yunshi to start a business of God, to follow suit. Coupled with the call of the community, the public began to start a business, vigorous, without hesitation.


and then Liu Ming began to change ideas, as a warning for the future, their own blindly looking for venture capital, let others come to me.

The core idea is:

throughout 2015, tens of thousands of different scale of business competition. Just a little Baidu, enter the entrepreneurial competition and entrepreneurship contest, the relevant results were found to have 2 million 650 thousand and 1 million 270 thousand. Hearts of entrepreneurs who look forward to relying on entrepreneurial competition stand out, realize the dream.

case two: "entrepreneurship contest champion flash halo"