Micro blog real name system gradually asymptotic protection of user privacy security concerns

industry believes that the Beijing "test the water" micro-blog real name system or with a template significance, which means that micro-blog’s real name system is gradually approaching.

micro-blog real name authentication will help regulate the use of micro-blog platform, thereby purifying the entire network environment. But on the other hand, after the real name system, the user’s personal information security can be effectively protected, but also widespread concern. In the face of increasingly complex network environment, only do a good job of information security, so that users get real "security", micro-blog’s real name system can go farther, micro-blog platform can play the biggest role.

Beijing micro-blog management new regulations will be implemented soon, micro-blog real name system gradually

micro-blog real name system has been hotly discussed recently. According to the "Beijing morning news" reported that the Beijing Internet Information Management Office held a "Beijing city before the development of micro blog management regulations" forum, the micro-blog website standard user identity information to complete the registration work before March 16th, micro-blog users not through the true identity information comparison will not speak, in the micro-blog post. Can only browse related content.

in fact, as early as last December 16th, the Beijing government announced the "Beijing micro blog development management regulations" provisions, any organization or individual registered micro blog account to use real identity information, namely the background real name, foreground voluntary, or can only browse related sites and can’t speak; to complete the user specification in three months. Today, March approaching, this also means that, Sina, Tencent, Sohu and NetEase four micro-blog will in March 16th all the real name system, adopt "the user identity information voluntarily, the backstage real name" form.

it is understood that the Tencent said, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Guangdong Province on the management of micro-blog Tencent, micro-blog since December 22nd last year has been the implementation of user name registration, new users only need to implement the real name system, the old users of the past no registration requirements, old users can anonymously; and Sina, Sohu, NetEase, three portals are said to be in accordance with the Beijing management regulations for the implementation of real name system.

Although the micro-blog

of the implementation of real name system only in Beijing, but some analysts pointed out that due to Sina, Sohu and other major companies are micro-blog Beijing company, the Beijing "test the water" real name system is equivalent to the micro-blog user requirements, micro-blog Beijing implementation of real name system or model has significance.

real name system highlights the advantages or trends for the development of micro-blog

micro-blog real name system has been put forward by society hot. The city of Beijing will be the real name system "in the end", in addition to conform to the development trend of the Internet real name system, but also a part of the cultural construction of the network, and will enable the micro-blog platform and the whole network environment has a certain degree of purification.

micro-blog real name authentication is the need of network culture construction. Over the past two years, micro-blog users have reached record highs