This is not a hot pot

since the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty this form of hot pot, hot pot has been the development of thousands of years of history. The weather turns cold, eat hot pot, has become the people’s eating habits in autumn and winter. In addition, a variety of hot pot food, has a wide range of consumer groups, accounting for half of China’s food and beverage consumption, but also contains unlimited business opportunities.

Chongqing pig food culture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, has been more than and 10 years of development history. In the past more than and 10 years, the company has repeatedly won the national and provincial authorities issued a variety of awards and honors, the Ministry of Commerce for the record. Over the years, the quality of the pot pot consistent, won the recognition and trust of the vast number of consumers, its brand strength no doubt. For entrepreneurs, energy-saving, like the vast sea of the strong backing of the lighthouse, entrepreneurs rely on solid wealth. At present, pigsty hot pot has more than and 100 stores throughout the country.

a Hot pot in order to let the people to have the true taste of the Hot pot to abandon the traditional Hot pot, "nine palace gossip", "composite pot" model, the new method uses a pot to eat hunyuan. And in order to make love and love to eat spicy food lit consumers enjoy the delicious Hot pot, Hot pot bottom material by sty several kinds of rare traditional Chinese herbs by scientific deployment of its color bright, spicy and delicious, sweet aftertaste, even eat a few days do not get angry, no diarrhea. Xiao Bian believes that if an enterprise can really stand in the perspective of consumers for consumers to consider, will be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition; if an enterprise can consider for consumers must also be considered as entrepreneurs, so as to achieve a win-win situation, so that enterprises continue to grow. Entrepreneurs choose a responsible enterprise, will make future entrepreneurial road more smoothly smoothly.

a brand to bring considerable economic benefits for the franchisee, which is its responsibility to be fulfilled. Pigsty hot pot has a set of mature and feasible operation plan. From the pre store location to decoration, design, construction, pigsty hot pot will provide a series of professional support. In addition, from the opening to the late management sty Hot pot will send someone to guide for all stores, and stores the training of service personnel, equipped with unified promotion support ingredients, practical and effective marketing plan, a series of high coverage of the full range of services in every possible way. This is for entrepreneurs, to join a mature mode of operation of the brand, is a strong guarantee, at least after the difficulties encountered in the operation will be the appropriate support.

to join the pigsty hot pot, a large amount of investment, the need for entrepreneurs to have sufficient funds on hand. Remove the franchise fee, operating management fees, margin, as well as the store’s upfront investment costs and the operation of the follow-up market funds, and one of the operation and management costs required to be delivered in three years. There are five modes of pig pot hot pot, each model according to