Talking about the operation management of Taobao mall with the 28 law

for web site operators, the overall situation of a website is needed every detail to constantly improve, constantly testing, diagnosis and adjustment, to achieve the ultimate marketing mall, for medium-sized vertical mall and Taobao mall operators and C stores operating enterprises to involve more strategic problems, take the amount of not only a few products in the enterprise, of course is also to be profitable. The following 2, 8 Law on site operation operation, sharing is the actual coordination theory, the theory is not imaginary, according to some big stores long-term observation and electricity industry to set the total you agree.

the world is fair by certain rules. A businessman should pay reasonable remuneration if he has worked hard to provide convenience to his clients. Traders are a processor that turns the unordered market into order to meet customer needs. They are more like a designer and architect the market is designed and created by businessmen.

shop positioning: shops can only have a location, can not change the style, can not be extravagant, all people like it. If you want anything, you’ll end up being mediocre. Shop style positioning is a trade-off, in order to obtain a part of the customer, you must resolutely give up another part of the customer. Style is a kind of disability, a beauty of imperfection – we have too many shortcomings and are difficult to perfect, so we can only try our best to use our strengths instead of wasting our time and strength to supplement our shortcomings. One is always better than others effectively. In the 28 principle, the barrel principle is slag.

product positioning: 80% shops are doomed are supporting, can only serve as a supporting role. We will soon know what products are the elite, which is. For those who are related to the discount, fodder, drainage, gifts, and even drop right to be used, they are used to the top. Flagship products do not easily reduce prices, to retain sufficient inventory, good reputation, detailed description, good gross profit, all products should be drained to them as much as possible.

Product Description: product description should also follow the 28 principles, as long as 20% of them understand, so that customers understand and recognize enough. The product description uses spotlight mode, which is surrounded by darkness, and then focuses on the unique selling point of the product. Understand this kind of incomplete, this kind of imperfection, can gather the resource advantage of the shop, make a fist product. Know how to give up before you have it.

Fix Location: how to make a 2B look NB? Very simple: put a batch of SB around 2B. This is the role of the allocation of villages. Should always understand a truth, shops pursue is a kind of regret beauty, a kind of incomplete advantage. Your greatest advantage is victory. Brand is a kind of value proposition, a kind of life proposition – but all values are not satisfactory, and at the very beginning, they should abandon the perfect idea. 50 Dayan, the forty nine. Heaven and earth are still incomplete