Talking about the tips of making friendship links

do stand for a few months, more or less gained some experience and skills, here is not anti, and we explore together, in the end do links to pay attention to what?. Here are some of the factors I have been referring to when making links. Hope to share with you:

1. Mendanghudui I think is a very important point, is also the site of cooperation for a long time that some owners for a high PR station, and included is also very high, but a few days someone out of your links. So this link is unstable.

2. to find similar links, the best keywords and similar content is better, so that help search engines find your website. For example, what I do is stand-alone game download. If you’re looking for links, you’d better find some game sites.

3. don’t link with too many websites outside the chain. Especially site navigation similar stations. The chain is too much for your optimization, there is no effect. Not recommended and more than 100 links above the chain of links, and some stations if Baidu punishment, you may also be down right.

4. home page is not in the first. In other words, have been down the right of the site, it is best not to make friendship with such stations.

5. is not included, there is no snapshot, this does not need to say, I believe this point, we will pay attention to.

6. don’t do websites like cheating. For example, the link is not obvious, the link text is similar to the background color of the web page. The location of the link is important.

7 image links to do this to your website optimization without what role, because the search engine does not love images, so it can not enter your website, other pages are not to do it for you, not because what optimization effect, Baidu spider will not go to your web site, now many people to do the Links page such as: links.htm, links.asp, etc.. The Baidu spider sees this as the link inside the page, so it won’t be accessible.

8, if it is to do Baidu, included more important than PR, that is, you can with PR low included more site links, not with PR high included less than yourself stand a lot of station links. Of course, if it’s Google PR, it’s important.

above is a little superficial view of friendship link, I believe there are more methods and skills, hope webmaster friends a lot of pointing.

finally showed me my little station,

do friends chain is not much in your essence, welcome to good quality before the station to link with the younger brother.