How to turn over the salted fish 2017 webmaster Survival Guide under the nternet

the current world is thriving, in such a society towards the revolution, the trend of air technology and smart revolution, the Internet is still the most webmaster window, in such a situation, 2017 survival recommendations about what


following the brief line from the media simple description, only for reference.

one. Original ecology

as a webmaster, if not the personal freedom of occupation, so most of the webmaster friends at most is an Internet operation personnel many Internet companies or companies, whether executives or low level, in the aspects of life, everyone is equal, all cannot do without money and code of the so-called, the so-called money is money the so-called code, is our occupation, if once you leave the platform of code will become the history, it will also face the survival crisis, this is the reality, both is mutual encouragement and mutual survival. And as a webmaster, this code will soon become the life of the past, whether it is new webmaster, or old drivers, survival will make you become more powerful, rather than the original eco machine workers.

we all know the cruelty of society, and human well-being, every moment we face life and human survival pressure from those involuntarily brought about, in both survival as the primary power, we are forced to move forward until the break of cruelty, become normal. The webmaster as a society seems to be an unimportant generation class occupation, Jane from the media think, but it has a very important social responsibility.

two. Social status

what is the social status? This position in the eyes of many people is very bitter and difficult, at least for most people this is a cruel fact of social competition. At present, what position at all, if the current situation from the point of view, the webmaster seems on transfer stage, it may be that.

1. owners in the development of the Internet today, they bear the platform, operation, disseminators of Internet information carrier, connecting information and information, connecting information with the user, a powerful mission connected with users on the Internet, this is of interest to an important achievement of the Internet era. They also can be said to be the great era of migrant workers, is very important.

2., but with the continuous development and development of the Internet today, not only is now, in a few years ago, the user can also spread information, but also a carrier of information, the user at the level of the webmaster position and a narrow, not at the beginning of the webmaster webmaster today, with the development of society, also in the webmaster slowly segmentation, this seems to have become an important trend in the signal.

three. Survival Guide

so, if you still want to through the multifunctional owners on the Internet is very difficult to survive? This sentence of survival of the disease seems to affect the fate of the 2017 most webmaster, webmaster

how to survive?