Analysis of the three elements of content construction and promotion of local portal website

elements 1: local gateway content construction, convenience is the key

information age, a lot of things no longer need their own place to run, the Internet brings convenience and fast, greatly meet the market demand. In particular, local portals are specifically designed to meet the needs of the small market. How to do a good job of local portal website, the key is to meet the local people’s market demand.

since the local portal is for the local market service, we must let everyone participate in, let the service scope expand, so the local portal website column setting must have good planning. In the first release of information if convenient to query information, all kinds of places to the masses as the main content, can not Tandaqiuquan so as not to fine, and will not appear on, but can not do it. Convenience information should be focused on to meet the needs of the market, do not have to imitate the national big portal columns and information elements. Local gateway network is for local people to see, as long as it can meet the needs of local people, you can, as long as the market demand, then your site will have commercial value.

is very obvious, the Internet for local people most is what is the real estate information, personnel information, matchmaking information, second-hand information, local service information, all kinds of merchant promotion information etc.. Of course, the local news nature is also popular, but also because some topic is very sensitive to the need for a long time for some difficult examination and editing and so on, if your strength is not enough, it is not recommended to do. Simply speaking, local portal will generally set property, personnel and other types of information channels, but want to classify the convenient and effective retrieval, this function is still flawed, still a lot of deficiencies, even some website column is not based on the information, but the information in this article mainly. This will cause the cart before the horse, and here is to see useful information, if you want to see what information, articles on the Sina, Sohu, and to you here what?. Therefore, the local portal construction is the focus of convenience.

element two: the development of local portals, the vision needs long-term

local portal in the long run is still a good business model, although the early stage will need to invest, but for a long time is profitable,


the so-called local portal, the effective part of the popular talk is the local media, think about its reasonable existence, as long as you can serious research, then the reasonable planning, coupled with careful operation and sustainable development, must be able to obtain the right to speak in the local media. Can make a rough calculation, a prefecture level city has developed well, how to say, one young is more than ten thousand, more than hundreds of thousands of income should be reasonable. Besides, the competition of the local portal network in the future will be absolutely fierce. It is the cake that everyone wants to come to, not many of the big websites