Do new station sentiment friendship link that thing

I had been when he is old webmaster, but recently a new fishing: fishing, so they seemed to do back to the new owners, the friends of foreign links such annoying things to experience again, from here to talk. I’m afraid there are a lot of topics about new links. I’m here to combine specific experiences.

I’ve lost my share of the links. I have been engaged in the industry a very famous industry station (this is not AD, ha ha), this station initially I pulled a lot of rash and too much in haste Links, regardless of industry, as long as the other site lively with links to impulse, then do Links rather naive, only to pull a visit from Links the amount, but a look at the counter, from the scanty Links over people, almost negligible, so all the cut, then Links I had no concept of a contemptuous disregard, the PR value of the. The years of wandering my PR always between 3 and 4, he did not care, until one day when he saw competitors in advertising investment in their own PR high to see light suddenly didn’t do his neglect, a website a status symbol thing, and those who have the important website ranking according to PR website ranking as a parameter. How can you stand it?. I shoot a brain back door, there, find a MM on Witkey website, website PR given a list in the industry, including Sina channel, to MM’s task is to call to discuss the success of a Links, pay 30 to 80 yuan, have rejected (who call me PR4 it also has the most successful), and 10 high PR Links finally found. Update PR after two months, I PR 6! In my limited investment in the website, I think the most valuable of the hundreds of pieces of money.

PR how important this, that is not clear, but the high PR really pretty cool (you want to PR that I have a great reputation with A5 in the same grade, can not? Ha ha)

with this experience, and now do new station links have experience.

first, be sure to find links to high PR websites. What? Someone refused you at QQ? Didn’t you add the link? Will you call? Is it more grand and difficult to refuse?. If you play cards in the wingers, you can be very abusive, but if you play cards in reality, who can easily call names? This is the gap between Virtuality and reality. I’ve also got a special phone call asking for a link, and really, it’s hard to say no..

second, be sure to exchange links with websites related to your site. A positive example is that my PR6 site is only linked to peer websites, and 10 links are enough to create and maintain PR6. Another negative proof is that I also tried to link their own new sites in their own PR6 site, the results of a period of time down, search engines in the chain, simply can not query. So I have a feeling that the links between new sites and PR3 related websites are more effective than PR, and links to industry websites will be even more