09 years paid 50 thousand of the tuition fees to the nternet

09 years to the end, Kunming’s winter is still almost like autumn temperatures, the streets filled with festive Christmas, every kind of beauty, only I a person lonely put a bottle in the street, I do not complain about anything, write these words, sharing is the best thing in the world. Before the age of 18 is the worst of my life when I was in high school, when the top 10 high grade, a love, read high school arts students hooked on the results later became a hacker, three San Xiaosheng, then computer, smoking, drinking, fighting, mixed with food to die… This is my past.

is 19 years old, 07 years in June second half of the semester, I was at a local college, I can’t stand the university that can be squandered youth, after the teacher invited to eat a few meals, I got the chance to learn inspection work, just came out, I was in the first half of the PHP (Smarty, JS, other are not) what are not, so I want to find a job whether or what the site management work, there are more than 700 paycheck, I was surprised at the results applied to several very well to get the first job php programmer 1600 a month salary, 1600 in Kunming for a student who is not bad, the company let me entry, I filled in the age of 23, when they know not many, bullied, but I said to myself "chose to face. "So every day is very hard to learn, during that time, I like a sponge, to receive the various development of knowledge, how to deal with people watching the bosses, so in the first half of the year, I grew up very fast, no one knows how old I am, then AJAX is also very fire, I is hard to learn, then only a dream, I study hard, then go to Beijing or Shanghai do programmers can get how much money each month… At that time, I wrote a CMS, there are many academic achievement system, system etc..

8 months later, I got to know the manager of another company on the Internet. I was dug out. Although I am very grateful to the former company for taking me in, I have to take on my dream. So, so, another year and a half, I changed 4 companies, wages have gone up, the position also rose to a small leader. There is a small episode, I was with the company server to start to learn to do some garbage station is learning SEO, do some single page optimization 97sese words, very ordinary, but very high flow, 20000 or 30000 IP per day, a day almost GG to 50 -80 knife knife, there were a lot of things do not understand but, I really just got a lot of time doing the remittance, plus wages each month have a lot of money, I have no home with a penny, for a 18 year old student, this is not a little, I don’t know if this is not the wunderkind, I was in my 18 year I think it is good, people say the wunderkind is really a kind of sad, this is who I am. I talked about a girl then