ChinaJoy Apocalypse hand travel P big bang small companies will therefore be cleaned

I dark horse note: ChinaJoy on various companies, companies, in addition to competition, sister, the most important thing is to spell all kinds of IP. In almost no barrier hand travel industry, IP seems to be becoming a barrier – opportunities for smaller companies become less and less.

ChinaJoy this year is just like a lively IP (Intellectual Property, referred to as intellectual property rights) conference, the company Mobile Games almost every respected announced his plan IP.

network author Tang three homes less high-profile said, "I push a game to ensure that you earn over ten million a month", "you do my IP certainly can sovereignty, Ann is not losing money."". Not only the Tang three little, all of the industry chain, IP has good ready to back a group of potential game player, fans of their attributes will bring more revenue for the game, with the explosive growth of the market Mobile Games, IP reserves often determines a mobile phone game makers to compete.

has contributed not only to IP resources, but to web novels, movies, comics, TV shows, and even once famous games, have become a major source of quality IP. Tencent’s brother "animation" mobile phone game adaptation rights granted in Qinglong figure, and green tree produced animated film "Kuiba" also teamed up with air network launched video, flies and TV drama screenwriter Yu Zheng signed a cooperation agreement, China Mobile Games is one got "Sea King", "Naruto", "smart Ikkyu", "the king of fighters 97", "5" and IP navigation era.


‘s value for IP," Sun Dahu, vice president of snails, told Tencent technology, "is to drive users to download and develop new users."". That is to say, a user familiar with the IP produced on the line, not only will attract existing gamers to download, but also to bring those IP fans become new gamers.

Vice president of Sohu

also said a tour of the king, on the one hand, IP will make mobile phone games to get a higher return on advertising effectiveness, because in the same position, the transformation to mature IP game manufacturing rate will rise significantly, this is the advertising effect; on the other hand, the game has been Chinese the lack of structure of world outlook, a mature IP will make up for this lack of.

for channels, IP games are equally attractive, a channel to Tencent technology revealed that such games will make their download conversion rate is higher than the average game around 30%.

but some industry insiders believe that the IP is just for the game successfully increased the insurance factor, see Tang three little IP game was successful, but another starting point of the game is IP great trick is not successful, the same, if the quality of the game is excellent, do make high input and innovative gameplay, the probability of success not less than IP games.

, but there are two points behind them