Talk about my experience and income from my website for ten months

is now a bursting of the information era, the establishment of more and more low threshold, you even do not know what is HTML, you can also build their own own website, there are a lot of mature free online website system, as long as a finger on it, "the little mouse will be able to type to establish their own web site" in a few years ago or some web application developers advertising gimmick, today has become a reality!

is now a webmaster want to do almost no technical threshold, this also is the webmaster occupation of the Internet industry in the traditional industries, enduring! Attract people in the Internet business. Everfount! There is no technical threshold that means that there will be a lot of stationmaster rush hit so there. The "trash", many websites are collected by others reproduced articles or resources, which caused a lot of websites are seemingly, everyone in the copy each other, mutual poaching, the most important is the quality of some people that really can not say, look at the site to do good, than their website not on others, and malicious slander the reputation of others, the most even use DDoS CC the three means of abuse to malicious competition


Tucao so much, are now all this is nonsense to talk about my experience with the ten months, I was a bitter PHP program ape, everybody knew Bob very tired, often stay up to two or three! The body too much, and then began to operate their own website. The most important thing to do is to identify a direction, because I’m developing it myself, dealing with the code all day long, and even what the programmers need, so I set up a source code sharing website. When I began to prepare the site reference for most of the time the same type of website, and then choose the most suitable mode of operation in the China! In the fast attraction that is free strategy (although I think free strategy will die, but China’s situation is such) so I have a free to share source code of the website, but was not a good name, says this is a common problem – Bob’s lack of imagination. I will put to use just closest to the domain name transliteration of the name of my domain name is and is a very difficult "or" estimated that few people can remember, but it was so awful I started running.

I have their advantages that I have a large number of first-hand source code, is a good source of my collection, tidy, enclose test shots and installation instructions issued to my site! And I really want to wait a few days my site is Baidu included will have some flow house car tickets in hand! Released every day self hypnosis in the source and finishing, almost more than 18 hours a day to stay in front of the computer, although also tired than before but the heart glad, so is a month, amount of source code also published and web sites to collect most of the websites of the same type almost, but >