New requirements for enterprise website operation from the media

introduction: a few days ago I went to apply for a traditional enterprise website SEO, the interviewer asked the first sentence is "you know from the media? Our company director SEO the first requirement is to master from the media".

from the development of the media for all to see, in the past, swept the webmaster circle of SEO blogs have changed from the media blog, from the media’s first batch of people are operators, bloggers, webmasters.

from the media how important? The core of a website is the content, now the Internet content provider is the first person from the media, who can draw people from the media live website, whose website content will be very rich, each big portal is to see this point, have opened since the media platform, Sohu Phoenix media, from the media, hundreds of Baidu, today’s headlines, as well as from the media blog to grassroots operation, since the development of the media around flowering, are from the media all over the mountains and plains of the shadow, especially visible from the importance of media.

traditional enterprise using the media people from their own advantages to develop network marketing is very favorable, so many enterprises in the employ of SEO will require applicants to understand from the media, companies hire people from the media for the purpose of selling products, how to sell products is the focus of our.

from the media, how can people help companies sell products?

1: from the media, the first step in selling products is to register accounts on the major platforms, the more the better.

2: writing soft text every day, and then in the major from the media platform contributions, attract fans, of course, pay attention to the hardness of the soft text, can not be too hard, so as not to review since the media platform does not pass.

3: leave the official website or other contact information at the bottom of each article.


4 in submission from the media platform for the title of the article must bear the product, to hundreds of Baidu, the Sohu from the media can enter Baidu news source, you write the title of inclusion product keywords, submission after the success of search keywords, can be on the first page of Baidu news information see you cast the manuscript.

5: Journal of overwhelming mass, the more content, the more the better and better readability, when your article accumulated to a certain amount of time, you may search keywords in Baidu shows the results of a whole page is your company information.

summary: since the media to help companies sell products, the most important is the content of writing, have good writing ability is very important, as the original, because the original Baidu included the best effect, also ranked the best, as the enterprise can not hire editor, no editing so people from the media in the enterprise every day planned to write many articles the best, like every morning I write two articles, and two articles written on the platform yesterday afternoon, is to deal with some business chores, planned work is very important to feel personally know.

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