New site portal site three days experience

as the saying goes: Hearts planted, flowers do not open, inadvertently inserted Liu Liu shady.

I think it’s a good thing to say now.

opened a new place, the gate station (Chengdu knows) three days, the visit and popularity, I think it can also (mainly with a lot of friends support).

tell me something about it:

because the newly built station, search engines can not be included. So we have to rely on people,

1, the domain name can also be easy to remember. I feel. (

summary: domain name good to remember. Don’t worry too much. Often the first impression is better. (because I’ve been thinking about several domains, I’ve been asking a lot of friends and eventually registered the domain name of the first impression)

2, and I’ve added the website address to both QQ and MSN signatures. Because before know a large number of webmaster, long-term stealth QQ on-line for a night. Received: This is your station? How come out again? Good content etc.. These QQ friends and I promotion.

summed up: do website kind, do not send spam advertising, but promotion is necessary. Like change their signature what is good, but also depends on the nature of the crowd around you.

this is more important, because I have many employees and thousands of people. I have my own newsgroups and internal messages. Because people often send some interesting information and websites.

I also try to send: generally only once three hair:

a girl who is more interested in what a boy is interested in; an interesting one to discuss.


address is directly linked to the specific page of my site. Click rate is very high.

as soon as I have a good post, I’ll send it.

summary: I sent a link address in QQ, and it’s estimated that 80% of people don’t click. But the internal connection tools are not like QQ. Almost as long as you’re interested, you don’t hesitate to go. Ha ha, so the key is, you have to find something that interests them.

is a very important point, how the methods and experiences of others can not be applied mechanically, must go to understand and digest. Become your own, you can make good use of. Maybe you have no similar environment and conditions, but as long as you carefully find and think more, you will find a lot of things you can use.

do website, also pay attention to day, time, geography, people and. Especially, "man and" is the most important.

doesn’t advocate cheating, but it doesn’t mean you don’t use it. In fact, there are some things that did not speak, such as keyword selection and optimization, search engine tips, small promotion of the site, and so on, save the next stage to talk about.