Zhou Ning talk about the naming of local websites

often asks friends how to name their local websites. Recently, they have carefully collected the names of local websites and tabulate them as follows. I talk about the benefits and disadvantages of all kinds of names, is summed up all is not to generalize, as A good fortune exists beside the misfortune., a trickster who may say, has nothing to do with this article.


one, door type

even business, people will never forget the "military and political leaders rather a kind of peace, everything is to be against the government, and the media, hundreds of cities named after their local website. The benefits of doing so is to talk about business, because customers confused if, even scared Pigunniaoliu, so yes. The downside is, can you do so much for the sky? Do you have so much luck? Enze, one of the people,

?The naming methods of the

, especially the government naming in the form, do not apply for trademarks and are easily angered by the competent authorities. They are indeed dangerous. And operators, radio and television type naming methods are often used to inquire about the history of the origin and use.

as for today, this kind of website can do the wind and water, there are Hefei forum, Yantai forum, Jiangsu, Huaian, Huaian net is pretty good.

two, digital

digital has specific meaning: 365= every day, suitable for the use of life portal; 100= hundred percent, suitable for life portal, service-oriented web use; 001= first, suitable for portal use.

digital, this thing has a moral meaning, no danger, if not combined with the city name, in line with the trademark law rules.

case: Beihai 365, Shandong 001, etc..

three, public welfare

from the life of the service site also has a group, such as: convenient network, citizen network, help nets. And love the city, see the city, zero distance comes from television culture.

network has been one of convenience and repairing the TV, lock together, to the public, low brand; help is neutral, public means is relatively heavy, operating in the commercial positioning is not clear. Love the city, look at the city, zero distance, more suitable for the positioning of the portal.

case: River help network, Mount Huangshan citizen network, Changshu zero distance, Fuzhou convenience network.

four, cultural

culture to elaborate, I speak highly of this kind of naming, and outstanding private local websites often produced in this category.

There are 4 major genres of


1, the local personality of the place name

local site originator Xicihutong is so named, later famous Changzhou long lane is to follow this. Precipitation of local culture Lane Lane, Shen Shen, eat thoroughly, easy to arouse sympathy among local netizens. The general problem of applying for a trademark is not