What about UCenter Home2 0 coming SNS still does not belong to grassroots webmaster

A few days ago

CCTV2’s "fortune story", the character is Comsenz Dai Zhikang, there is a saying in a very deep impression, he said: at present, the domestic 99% SNS sites are using his UCenter Home. This proportion of high let me very surprised, and at the same time think of this figure is how to get out, even if you can count the number of websites with your program, it is difficult to count all the SNS sites in the country, how much, a little pull. 25, UCenter Home2.0 new version provides download, I carefully studied, and feel that this new version is to optimize the functions of the previous, there are some adjustments on the UI/UE, it is only. A few months ago I wrote "why I think that with the establishment of UCenter Home SNS website is difficult to succeed", this paper is still want to express this meaning, just think a little clearer thinking, is a subsequent update.

UCH is a general purpose program. In fact, the open-source software itself has been very good, but more and more users of it, all kinds of feedback received at the same time, UCH is not as simple Discuz forum, so the vast majority of Kang Sheng to meet user requirements, make this is not a simple custom (except for two times the development of products). Many webmasters use this program, but many functions are Bo, log, albums, events, groups, and activities such as Webgame, I ask, so the function of netizens are rare? Netizens why not go to school, happy or more popular website, the user is inside the station, friends how, for SNS website, the number of friends is too important, cannot hope N user you strive to put their friends pull you to use UCH to build up on the site. In short, users are faced with similar functions, but there is a world of difference in popularity of SNS website, which do not have to say.

Based on the analysis of

, built by UCH SNS website appeared in the local station opportunity or vertical industry, as a matter of fact. The local station can do indeed has a rich way, but its mission determines will rely more on forum, UCH program is not the core of the local station, just a part, is a function of. You will find a lot of places with the Discuz station are equipped with UCH, but not many people, this functionality is more like gouweixudiao. Vertical SNS has been applauded, think there is a future, I wrote an article, "old saying again: vertical SNS really have a future", we can see, here is not more written. I think the main UCH do with vertical SNS not what role, if you really have the resources, Discuz forum can meet, is blindly translate to SNS; then I think, at present no vertical SNS do very well, I know that 5G is the most famous, the recent situation is not very good.

Internet business, in fact, what is the secondary way to reflect the key, >