New station beginning pay attention to originality and user experience

look at the forums and Q group so many new people, the webmaster has been complaining, say oneself do stand difficult, where blindly complaining. Remind me to new people here, if you whine and complain about something, then we also do what SEO, we also don’t have to make so competitive ranking, we will have to look at the Baidu in the face of life. But the reality is cruel, we have to face the reality, we can not modify the rules in this circle, we can only adapt and obey. Like 5.20 Baidu algorithm update, our site ranking changes are very big, Baidu led by the nose is also our frustration.

as a new person, a new station. Webmaster to study hard, SEO, this is not wrong, but the initial use of acquisition tools to crazy collection of articles, data is not recommended. A new website, like a newborn baby, will grow healthily in all its aspects, whether it’s web content updates or external chain building. Search engines will favor our website only when it has been injected with some original content. If you input many useless garbage information from the website, I think the search engine will be avoided, and our small station will even be punished. So we SEO the railway station optimization focus is to enrich the content, the content must be original, begin to search engine to leave a good impression, I think this helps it often come to our station.

may have, new Adsense will feel so tired. But you know, your predecessors, they are like this come, all know that this is not easy, but for our small station can better survive, we can only do so. No SEO search engine optimization, we can learn, Xiangqun in old old predecessors ask, they will be generous with your criticism.

But we should know that SEO and

are not only some methods and skills, more important is to do the website user experience, the content of the website is to give users the best experience material, our website is for the user to read, if our website without the user’s visit, visit our website, it is not far away from the closure the. One of the webmaster, who would like their website has just begun to close down?. But if your website is something very old and very old, users won’t see it of course. Therefore, the new station user experience, we should be based on original content, content is king is the key. These are not done, do not worry about doing something else. Do stand, step by step, lay a foundation, the site will have better development.

another small reminder, the keyword is to Baidu to see, after all, we have to look at Baidu’s face, life, site placement speed and stability of space, we have to take into account. See if your site space every two or three days problem, say Baidu spiders do not want to come, estimates of potential users also will be lost. I am in Xi’an with the local well-known service providers in the virtual machine, you can consider to find trustworthy service in the local.