Shao Guihu discipline resources website increase original method

       ;       last mentioned the subject, resource class website popularity promotion way, this time and all webmaster share is subject resources website increase original some methods.

1, enhance the popularity of the site, allowing users to produce original content

an excellent website should be full of interactive colors. If you only rely on the webmaster to increase the original content of the site, the difficulty is very large. With the popularity of the website mentioned earlier, the website should encourage users to participate in the discussion of subject knowledge after gaining more popularity. This will not only increase the original content of the website, but also keep the website updated at a high frequency, which is very beneficial to the search engine.

2, make full use of the question and answer platform, the formation of original content

disciplinary resource site webmaster should always pay attention to the network of questions and answers platform, such as Baidu know, Sina love ask and so on. Because these platforms are more knowledgeable, they are a reliable source of web content updates. Ask questions and answers on the platform is divided into two parts, one of the following questions often have multiple answers, and the same or similar problems more, webmaster can on the content to edit, make them into their own web of things. Of course, in addition, you can also open a question and answer channel or forum on your website.

3, keep pace with the times and pay close attention to subject news

Shao Guihu: "in the survival of informed traders from today’s news station" mentioned in time on the news, can be the first time to grasp the pulse of the industry, the adjustment of website development; expand the webmaster do stand ideas; to provide the latest content material for the website; let the website content is full of fresh breath. The role of subject journalism in the originality of web content is no longer discussed.

4, collect subject related video, for my

webmasters often deal with content such as text or pictures, and may sometimes ignore the role of video. If you’re looking for it, there should be some video related to the subject. The use of related video has two aspects: first, add directly to your website, enrich the content of the website, increase the interest; two, reuse the content of the video. Because of the subject knowledge involved in the video, there may be no corresponding text on the network. In this way, the webmaster can convert the content of the video into the content of the text, thereby increasing the originality of the website. Some videos have subtitles or outline, which is convenient for webmaster to use.

4, converting a view of discipline courseware

for most disciplines, resource based websites, courseware content in this form is certainly very common in the website. Webmaster usually just upload courseware to the web site for users to download, but do not know these courseware also has other functions. Think about it from another angle. There are also text in these courseware