Summary of daily traffic of tens of thousands of movie stations

web site for nearly a year, from a what all don’t understand, now all know a little bit of webmaster, is experience, began to engage in a film or movie station station, now, and has been the development of the movie station. The title is, thunderbolt movie download, thunderbolt download forum. Why do I have such problems? Because the user experience, because the station is all full of movies, and all my offers of thunder BT download, so I took the title in the thunderbolt movie download this name, so considering the users’ search habits, use Thunder download users will surely come to my forum, I have been in pursuing a rule, although there has been no perfect, what rules? Is a customer with a customer, what is the meaning of this sentence? Next paragraph.

the meaning of this sentence is the main website, that is to say, the content is very important, whether you are collected from the Internet, or the existing resources in hand, as long as you carefully released to your website, or summary, or finishing, or write your own, and then publish it on your website, such the station is a useful for others, the user experience of high standing, rather than to meet you, to meet the users, certainly they next time will come, and the search engine does not love this kind of station, for example, your web site all the things from other websites copied directly, so what do you think the significance of the things you do? Just on the Internet making junk, our goal is not to create garbage, we need to consider the user experience. This is the minimum standards of a good. For example, at least, is the site of the column classification, don’t think about the search engine or the other, you have to think about the user, such as, I put the TV series, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Europe and so on, this is to give the user a better visual experience, and convenient to click, to consider the user experience station, the station is always the best. As long as you reach the traveling standard, users love, so needless to say, the search engine will love, and will give you a huge weight, you will be ranked high, included will be very much.

is here to tell you about Links, here I have dozens of webmaster, often have friends in exchange Links, I saw PR, there must have included many, must be of the same type, there are requirements…… And I exchange connection is not to so much, as long as you included normal, even if you included very little, and I will connect you, what is the normal search engine included? Regularly included your article, and you stop all the articles proportion is not too large. Some friends go, to ask how many PR, I think is not necessary, why? Even if you PR5, but you are Baidu K, I won’t link to you, because you will have a negative impact on me, even if you included 100 thousand, is not necessarily a good connection if your total station, the tens of millions, but included 100 thousand >