Create a large portal site essential conditions

Hello, I’m Chinese farmer Mao Xinhong. Some preparatory work today and you do have those personal station. Here also can give those who prepare to do big portal stationmaster to consult. I have to, because I always stand alone. From domain name registration to space selection, to the website program, and then to the website update and promotion, I have done it all by myself. And I’m not just to do a big station, my hand there are many large websites, I just do not love love station, engage in small website, I believe and I have the same thoughts is not a few. Although many webmaster not optimistic about me, think I just play, just can’t become what climate. But I still work hard to do the station. Be your own station and let others talk.

people born, the wisdom is the same, the next years to rely on your own to learn, rely on their own fight, rely on their own efforts and hard work. I want to make sure the site to spend more time to learn, to do dependably stand. In today’s network, more webmaster questions: what station, there is development, do what station, rich figure. Some webmaster relatively lazy, think to do a BBS, do a classification, you can. You can save a lot of time thinking you don’t have to update your content every day. Everyone thinks so. No wonder the Internet is full of forums. You don’t manage the forums. Some people release a lot of junk information inside. There is supervisor seized, you will get lost.

I think do large portal or the development of the Internet giants, although all the sites, the tentacles extend to every corner. But the portal still has the advantage of development. The reason is, by article, by Baidu. Of course, if you can not rely on the acquisition, acquisition of this idea, I advise you not to do as early as possible. Perseverance, determination, persistence, etc.. The "gateway" here does not refer to the local information portal, a simple classification station. Portal mainly to news information articles, supplemented by other web channels. What you do is everything on the web. Since it’s a portal, there’s everything. Take NetEase: news channels, videos, information categories, music, search, navigation, blogs, micro-blog, forums, communities, etc. These are channels below the portal, which can be stand-alone Web apps. This is a fairly large project.

I am a person to do the independent operation of a large and comprehensive portal website: almost cable net welcome advice, the website was on the line a few days, because new sites, Baidu has not included my site. From the domain name, it is a general idea, a general idea, and a broad and whole meaning. The cable is searched, many people think that I can do the domain name search website, I have to repeat N times, I just love to do, I will do the search, you may get to the 2 level domain name, may also registered independent search domain, summarized below almost cable net. The domain name is Larry, good memory, it can be said that: the process of cable net. It’s just that I’ve already made plans, and now I’ll take the title of the site. So >