After 80 we rely on what to play their own piece of day

as 80, we really need to think about our future, we must rely on what to play their own one day? There are a lot of people look down on us 80, 70 after we did not calm, no 90 are mixed in the calm and fashion, we have to end what capital


does have many post 80s startups, just like Li Xiang, Dai Zhikang, and so on. We want to break our own sky, but how many people in the 1980s can be like Dai Zhikang? Very few……

In fact,

personally, I admire Dai Zhikang, not only because of his great ability, more important is that the spirit of perseverance, and for the sake of this dedication, sacrifice their own studies, up to now, he has his own sky, and in the sky have been very happy (I think) but as mediocre we can really do what? (to the station for example)

first: we have to be creative, only good ideas can attract people, in order to have popularity, flow, and after the flow, nothing urgent. For example, the school network, now popular is quite a fire, that is, because of the rise of SNS, even if it is a copy of foreign FACEBOOK, but after all, it is new in the country. There are many websites like this.

second: we must persist, no matter what we do, we can only succeed by persistence. Now in the winter of the Internet, perhaps only the remaining king is the real reason. If we owners do not hold down the words, but also how to let users keep it? Maybe Mao Kankan said "Chinese lack of creative people, is the lack of creative, and the creative people insist on doing it". I have now done four months of webmaster, the site has done a lot, but basically did not survive, because I can’t hold down, every thought of a good idea, do, do a few days, do not feel good again, and then go to another…… Until now, there’s only one determination to do it – Go ahead,

third: we should work hard, no effort, where to harvest, site to do publicity, and publicity is not an easy thing. We want to post everywhere, just for a little more popularity. Unless you’re rich, advertise everywhere. But again, if you’re rich, you can’t worry about your own sky,


fourth: that is to study hard, knowledge is very important. But not much in college is useful…… It’s strange to learn these useless things every day and find a job after graduation.

fifth: love is to do their own thing, but this thing is not the crooked ways. Only by doing what you like can you be interested in doing it, and then you can keep it up.