‘ve been thinking about what a good website is missing

slowly write these things, and slowly think of, just start doing those days, then often stay up late, but very substantial. While writing, I recalled the scene and slowly recalled the lost days. Starting from the discuz5.5 forum, is about 07 years, these years, often in the official forum, see the official upgrade, follow the impulse of the upgrade, so many years, the site didn’t do much, in a word, he’s too lazy. From the beginning of the forum to get excited, put the plugin fun, almost all of the plug-ins are installed, now on what had little interest to think quietly, what need forum? What is the core of the


1, the core management team.

The beginning of the

is the webmaster of a person in the struggle, because you always have a theme of the forum, the theme, gather some common hobby friends will slowly, slowly the webmaster want to pull in, this process is good, know a lot of friends, the network is also a world, webmaster want to learn the core to form the forum the. Perform their duties, the reasonable division of the forum, the division of labor is clear.

2, clear forum theme

novice webmaster may be very greedy, no matter what sections are built, gradually separated from his energy, and in the end nothing is good. There will be no more forums at the beginning. Just seize the core section, establish a unique theme of the forum, and gradually attract popularity.

3, the webmaster should learn to concentrate on

I had to do the

forum, the forum to get a nice, I have to learn CSS, learn for a while, he did not feel the design inspiration, can not learn, give up, then in order to get their own forum plugins, to learn PHP, but also to learn half, give up, then, in order to get flash. People do flash decompile, get up for a while, then, in order to promote the forum, begin to learn to make electronic magazine, found the electronic magazine beautiful learning PS, he went back to learn PS, and finally gave up…. Learning phpcms, PHP168, dedecms almost all learning, finally or not attention, the forum is also a half, many owners have this experience, so, calm down, and think about exactly what to do, should be good, even if it is to find a quiet music, smoke slowly think is good, not too distracting myself. Turn around and think about it. Now, quiet the core thing, and the website is bigger. Will you worry about the art program?


4, how can the forum keep people?

forum in the end how to retain people, I personally think, first of all, there is an atmosphere of communication, such as users from search, search to a novel came to your forum, and then register, download, leave. This process, why can let him think of website again?. If he’s in the forums for a post for help, >