Some of the feelings and my world who share the webmaster

, one of the students who graduated from the station,

which can not help feeling sad, how much joy, how many worries, the road will be far later.

I am also a student, an ideal student, the reality is often devoid of ideals, ideals often can not become reality, I have a lot of words to say, limited to my personal understanding of the Internet superficial. I am from 51 last year began to do stand, that is a large, at that time the school posted a banner that the CN domain name is one yuan a year, 10M5 yuan, I was silly fans on the blog (not only, there is a channel two article on Sina blog home page caused by the extreme expansion of vanity, website and blog), that is, as long as the good will be written on the front page, will be very good, I’m going to buy a domain name website, is the last in the local (Haikou) of the IDC provider to buy a domain name space, domain name is about COM, and 100M Almighty space, to 180 yuan together. It was indeed a silly. In this way, the road to my website began,

I have no

pure technology, Chinese system can be a little something, a learning web site that is technology, my first website in the library electronic reading room has spent 2 days of completion, all handmade, HTML code, no background, it is rough and simple website now, later this website update is really difficult, I almost deserted, then know the CMS this thing, I put the site deleted and rebuilt a, this update is really simple, really like to write the blog, also applied to GG advertising, there is no traffic. The number of visitors to my blog, GG advertising on almost every income does not exceed 5 cents, half the time is 0, I almost gave up.

when last December, just know have stationmaster this group, know stationmaster net, be out of date, Chinaz, know what SEO is? I did a website again, and now I want to say something about my experience.

: I think about the traffic flow is not. Now, get on the crooked ways of traffic, such as you in a beautiful QQ or pictures on the drainage, what is the use of these flows, I love the most is the search engine to flow and old users to the search engine traffic is related this is only useful in traffic flow, and.

about soft Wen: soft, nice, but I think I should be sent to the relevant soft website, or the portal is up, if the online owners want to send soft words, Adsense online webmaster go to the website and what is the use, but is not to increase the use of several IP. Go to relevant website to send soft wen. I sent here are not soft, but just a rookie, want to communicate with you. But it’s always useful to bring a link.

on the domain name: do not consider, priority, do not use CN domain name, Baidu is indeed discrimination CN domain name.

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