Network part time trap 3 hours per day income 100 yuanDialogue father of entrepreneurship in srael

but his reputation in the field of science and technology, especially the business circle almost no one knows, his entrepreneurial story not only word of mouth in Israel for young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs become a spiritual idol but also globally.


he started his business at the age of 27, investing more than 80 high-tech companies, and 5 successful listings.

, the ICQ he founded, sold $420 million in 1998. The software is the originator of instant messaging software, was originally copied, it became a hit in the country.

he has a lot of classic quotes, such as "business plans and PPT meaningless", "investors rather than investment projects" and so on.

, the father of Israeli entrepreneurship, Yossi Vardi

is meet by chance in the street, the "old man of Israel" potbellied ugly in appearance may not attract your attention.

as Israel’s father of entrepreneurship, Yossi Vardi has too many rings and glory.

the U.S. "time" magazine said, one of the basic reasons for Israeli technology boom, there are more and more entrepreneurs to benefit from the development of the technology industry, and actively take the initiative to guide investment and emerging enterprises, so as to drive the development of the technology industry, forming a virtuous circle. "Before, the Israeli technology industry had only one Yossi Vardi, and now there are more and more people," says an Israeli entrepreneur."


on the same day, Wang is in accordance with the requirements to provide posting your resume, and 300 yuan deposit into each other’s bank account, soon, Wang got a task – membership information, which is to teach people how to persuade other users to join, how to develop the "experience the subordinate". Xiao Wang realized that he had been cheated.

recently, a reader advisory to reporters, said the job, a "Recruitment" to his cell phone charge 350 yuan, "is it a hoax?" in the reporter’s suggestion, the reader did not fall prey to. When calling the recruiter’s cell phone again, the phone is off.

Technology Liu can

technology, the business circle is full of wisdom and authority is very modest. He believes that people called him "the father of entrepreneurship" somewhat overrated, he said that if he could be remembered, so he hopes to be remembered for doing a little contribution to society. This contribution is to encourage young people to start their businesses and innovate.

Wang, a senior student at a university in the city, has been searching for job information online. The day before yesterday, a "part-time 3 hours a day to earn 100 pieces of" post caused Wang’s attention, this advertisement is very attractive: only 3 hours a day, you can get at least 100 yuan of salary, only 10 yuan of investment money, can Zuan Wanyuan."

Exclusive dialogue with sina

he AI and host in the Boao forum is funny, said Chinese really is a "detective" spirit. He was 71 years old in the dialogue by the audience full of wit and humour, bursts of laughter.

‘s success has sparked countless young Israeli entrepreneurs, and high-tech start-ups based on computers and Internet applications have sprung up in israel.

              because of credulity network part-time advertising, lost 300 yuan margin, but also almost fell into the trap of network marketing". Yesterday, a university student in Yangzhou Wang told reporters reflect the matter, hope that job seekers can raise vigilance when looking for jobs.

Yossi Vardi said that the smart devices in a hundred times the speed of networking, the vulnerability of things also >

Gartner forecast data show that by 2020, the global network of equipment will reach 25 billion, while the United Nations estimates that in 2020 the global population will reach 7 billion 700 million. The ratio of networked devices to humans is 3 to 1.

police remind, many part-time information on the Internet has "trap", I hope the public vigilance, do not easily transfer money to strangers, encountered similar situations should be reported in a timely manner.

he told Sina technology that he thought the next two "tuyere": Internet of things and network security.