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is a reminder to beginner here, very much now online scams, because money online is relatively low threshold, or daydreaming too much, anyway, a lot of people think that making money online is a very simple thing, so some bad people use these people consumer psychology to induce you, let you be most willing to send money in his pocket. So be careful when you pay for it, although it says it pays to motivate you to perform better, but >

to make money, so friends who are working are not allowed to resign. Build a web site and earn profits from, not a very simple thing, I built the first station, from the site to set up key words ranked in the sh419 home page and start a total profit for almost two months, of course, is not a lot of money, will deal with the cost of building the station. Because this station is suspected of cheating, and rarely update and change the sh419 algorithm, sh419 keyword from the original page second position fell to second. So, of course, it depends on many factors, you need to do market research, website construction, writing content, promotion, these are not able to finish at one thirty, I is a typical representative to participate in the work, my day is a formal work, night spare time to carry out the network to make money, when I earn from the Internet the money to pay my life time, I will resign.

this is usually a manual Taobao, modify the home page, download the list page, download the content page model >

2010 is an extraordinary year, in this difficult way, we ushered in 2011 2010, but there are a lot of memories, no matter good or bad, happy and sad, the webmaster is the deepest feelings, only the webmaster can realize that taste! But the most tangled still belongs to Taobao long railway station

network referred to as the word of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, believe everyone to please not unfamiliar, but the real use of the network to make money how many people? Not Wangzhuan not to earn money, but you do not have to perform well at the beginning of the execution, Wangzhuan is the key, not hard to earn a lot of money may not perform. Don’t say you do not perform opportunistic can also earn money, ask yourself how many times that opportunity, only hard to implement long-term money. Wangzhuan is not as easy as we imagine, a computer can fix the cable.

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from these two things, there has been a variety of ways to promote Taobao customers! Admire the thinking of the webmaster, survive, understand the transformation of ideas, this is what we need to seriously study!


in the Legislative Yuan officially entered the topic, to 2010 on the webmaster of those things! First, March 23, 2010 shlf1314 declared China exit market, about the reason, do not need to introduce more, you understand! Second, a large number of sh419 API Taobao shield delete guest website content, sh419 may not admit that shield Taobao off site, but the fact is indeed a lot and remove a lot of shielding

I remember a few years ago to understand the creative Wangzhuan regardless of the past and have become fashionable for a time, to him now everyone has a mixed attitude. But in fact he did once led a group of people to earn money, but he also used to be the Internet Wangzhuan glorious miracle. It is from that moment, more and more people began to join the ranks of wangzhuan. With the higher attention, more and more people in front of the computer for the development of daydream, and not to consider the real execution of wangzhuan. Although more and more creative, but the actual implementation of creative people are few and fewer, although more and more ideas, but every idea is a failure to end. Regardless of these ideas is feasible, we see a light for several days it is enough to recognize people Wangzhuan feel the possibility of success is so low. Do Wangzhuan for innovative ideas is important, but if these ideas are not real to implement, so no matter how successful ideas later is not profitable, even profitable, it is less and less.

Sima in the Legislative Yuan Taobao guest, also face a very embarrassing situation, sh419 API Taobao off the cold, do some of the Taobao customer ideas for a try and study! Fortunate and we analysis the following ideas

2, Dede Template Transformation

1, single page Taobao

Dede program, a product list, the following call data estimation module! Most people know, not too much to explain, this kind of sh419 search, a lot of weight loss cosmetics, station group accounted for more! Advantages: simple operation, mass production and transformation the high rate of

here put down two things, the reason is that it affects most of the owners, there is a correlation with the next content! Because shlf1314 event, so many webmaster is difficult to rely on shlf1314 to maintain the alliance, shlf1314’s exit leads to loss of most of the business Chinese, business loss not only for advertisers influence great, so to the webmaster! Led directly to the line of shlf1314 alliance price decline, faced with this situation, many webmasters have the transition to choose Taobao customers, many owners choose API Taobao customer program, webmaster, is a very easy thing, don’t need to worry about the content of the website, direct installation of a key, a key API call generation, website work only outside the chain of work, but we are a Taobao off like a raging fire, sh419 also directly to the herd a head-on blow! The investigation of multi API Taobao guest webmaster, sh419 did take some action, a lot of API shielding Taobao customers, although the home page, but only some shell! The head of the API Taobao 10W station included night into 1.2W, showed that most of the data from the API railway station, the old Taobao collected a great deal of content to be deleted!

This is usually a !