Ma Yun’s global dream from Spain Ali eWTP how landingWangzhuan is my dream really begins

in Ma seems that under the existing trade rules, 90% of the world’s trade by sixty thousand large companies to manage, and the results of globalization is not good for small and medium enterprises. "We have to think of a better way to allow free trade to benefit 80% of small and medium enterprises." The approach proposed by Ma is to build eWTP: global electronic trading platform.

proposed the concept of eWTP in 2016, perhaps the beginning of the busiest time for ma. The chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba flew more than 800 hours last year and visited nearly 40 countries and regions to sell their eWTP ideas to dignitaries.

at the beginning of 08 with great Wangzhuan dream, ha ha, into the sales network, which is CPS, CPS found that more intense, because in CPS you are a novice, white has burned a lot of money, in the most difficult time to contact Chinese owners and Advertising Forum, the article inside most about sales, so the Internet every day the first thing is to open the forum, watching some of the best, while following the operation, there are some errors of the method is found in practice, it may not be suitable for their own projects done in CPS, really earned first pot of gold is sold on CJ Disney animation DVD. This is a turning point, let me into the real Wangzhuan highest temple.

remembered that three years ago, I was a person who was despised by most people. How can I say that? I was in society at that time, because I didn’t have enough social experience and skills. In addition to the family of I completely lost confidence, and I think relatives, this life will not be as, during which time I am extremely low self-esteem, so every day playing online games to eliminate worry, also because of the Internet bubble for a long time, so I found that more and more people are making money online, and success the National People’s Congress is too good for me, I thought Wangzhuan, do not like to make money every day in reality as hypocritical face their own do not love people, can make money online, can give full play to their potential, so I determined to devote all your energy to their Wangzhuan career.

sometimes I think, if there is no Wangzhuan world, what can I do? My answer is "nothing" I want to tell you is the person

by Tmall international, Ali will attract the Spanish characteristics of small and medium enterprises to come over, let these originally only serve the local market and European businesses to quickly open the China market; at the same time, through aliexpress, Ali and China help many small and medium enterprises to high quality and inexpensive goods are sold around the world, and create the brand, enhance the premium. Coupled with the rookie network of global logistics network built, Ma "make the world is not difficult to do business" desire is being achieved step by step.

everyone has their own dreams, and my dream is higher, three years ago, I contacted from Wangzhuan, and it forged a deep friendship, continue to study Wangzhuan the past three years, there are good results, is the completion of the initial dream. Here is to review my Wangzhuan experience.

, ISDIN Si Yi Ding was founded in 1975, is a Spanish national cosmetic brand. Prior to entering Tmall international, ISDIN was mainly for domestic and European markets. In 2014, Hu Jia, who worked for Procter & Gamble, joined ISDIN as head of Greater China, becoming the company’s first employee in asia. According to Hu Jia’s description, in 2015, she met his colleagues at Procter & gamble with a small Taobao, two small, told her that ISDIN is very suitable for the expansion of the Chinese market through the electricity supplier, so >


for ISDIN and 5J ham, the original market is mainly in the local and Europe, and with Tmall international, these brands can be less team and cost quickly open the Chinese market. However, in the process of cross-border import, there will also be obstacles such as policies, such as the whole 5J ham with bone, because China’s customs policy can not be imported directly.

global buying: how to develop Chinese market with Spanish characteristic brand?

June 2015, the Spanish National Pavilion officially launched Tmall international. At present, Spain is among the top ten countries in the international import of Tmall, ranking fifth in European countries after the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy. Among them, Spain’s clothing, cosmetics, ham, wine and other most popular, and the corresponding, Zara, ISDIN, LAN wine, 5J ham, nearly a hundred Spanish brands have been settled in Tmall international.

the man while talent is not high, but the only advantage is that the executive power is strong, do not give up halfway, to prove their worth, don’t let others despise me every day and night, learning Wangzhuan, remember the first station myself on the construction of the software download station, now be my Wangzhuan memory in the classic, at that time every day to update manually upload dozens of software, but also for editing software introduction, people will be tired, but the dream that they can rely on the network to make money is how great things, I finally stood in 07 years on February, after more than a year. Flow rate exceeded 5000, still clearly remember that morning from the bed to open the webmaster statistics background, IP: 5000. I am excited about to call out, watching more and more traffic, hanging on some of the League advertising, you can earn thousands of dollars per month. That’s how you feed yourself. For a variety of reasons, I finally sold the station on A5.

days ago, Sina Technology visited Alibaba landed in Spain’s international business, Tmall, aliexpress and rookie network three business landing has been implemented to buy and sell Spanish of spain. And through the visit of Spain, we also have a glimpse of Ali in the eWTP landing on the specific ideas and layout.