Share my three years of building a websiteThunder advertising alliance will be fully open in March 2

League Commissioner and I said, thunder advertising alliance will soon be fully open, the time before they have been in the optimization platform, also introduce some good advertisers, so it seems, is still quite fuckedup; this year, to have a few good advertising put it, happy

do a webmaster has imperceptibly, three years, three years of hard work in the Internet, it can almost be said to experience a variety of groundless talk, write on this little bit of history, I hope to help more show on stage, I also hope to share to help everyone finishing out the clue, walk less detour.

at the end of last year, the thunder in a way of earning money idle without advertising online, then took a few code on the empty advertising, also played a game of pop ads; my website IP 10000 PV, about 7-8 million, said last year the depressed, assorted for a number of advertising, not boom. Before this, I did the thunderbolt to download, because the resources were not many, also did not have any quantity, therefore has not hoped too much to his advertisement alliance. But after a few days of advertising alliance, found that the data is good, especially pop ads, every day can bring more than 100; later on, the single bullet into the bomb, such a code there are 3 ads according to the weight wheel to play, and better effect. But because at the time the thunder advertising alliance is just beginning to do, advertisers are not many, this relatively depressed, but their specialist told me that there have been many advertisers under negotiation, because the owners are hoping to have a higher price point of advertising, so they are not at the same time to squat for alliance.

Forum building, daily is not always a large flow I want, so I began to spend a lot of money, learning SEO, books, classes, a variety of SEO routines, including the research on SE, which I spent about a year. During this process, I think I get is, from the success of ignorance, to determine success. When you don’t know before SEO, you just do one you think there may be traffic sites, and when you truly understand the SEO SEO system optimization theory but complete the so-called SEO not SEO, you. It can be done on the website before, know that this site can bring you flow. This year for the SEO study, I have a deeper understanding on the.

website ! Oh!

sum up, is actually very simple, I walk the road is a groping in ignorance, deep in the dark, and then reach a new height. Read this sentence: " the; more you learn, the less you know learn more, we know they know too little ", as a personal webmaster, rarely adhere to a study, work attitude, I think.


Yesterday, the thunder

the economic downturn, it is what feeling do not make money before that Ali mother fuckedup, but now also don’t work, every day to see, look at each alliance, sometimes into a good advertising time, raise a family, a paste mouth is the most this year! Of the year, from the second half of last year to now basically no money, remember during a month income of the highest earning money is only to give my mother to buy a necklace, I gave my mother say: elder sister, next year to buy you two ~ in fact, my mother does not know, my each month for 07 years the money will not buy two platinum necklace, but are put into the construction site on that day; like lopsided dream, operation after a year, my bank account or pitiful four digit.

3 years ago, my first contact with the Internet, the first DISCUZ forum, the forum has come with me now. And the forum is very special, I am glad that I had put the forum when the portal, but the fixed user groups, fixed consumer groups, industry forum, on the back rely on the unique rate, attract repeat customers. Why because I rejoice, because so many years of experience and lessons of the actual SEO, told me that the forum’s business model is not by IP, not a search engine, is relying on specific, unique. Don’t expect a forum to bring tens of thousands of IP to you, and then rely on advertising to make money the forum has ranked, because it is too difficult to.3 years of experience told me that the forum, a forum for success, not SEO, but SEM, do unique things, engage in e-commerce, is the profit > forum, the most appropriate;

want to make money to friends to see it, I also hope that more brothers are better, earn money to build a house to marry his wife! Also, don’t put my article as soft on the line, I engage in technology, not easy to write a few words a lot of support!

started last year, according to their understanding of the SEO, CMS and WordPress to do a lot of procedures, to further understand the advantages and disadvantages of each program, and then according to the need to choose, expanding their SEO theory and technology. With the accumulation of experience, you really understand the program, you have traffic and RMB great, feel very pleased to have not been in vain, but also find more things to study, and now carefully study CSS, JavaScript, PHP and so on the development of knowledge.