9 Tips website profitability is no longer a dreamAli mother starts new three packs plan

teach you how to step by step in the production of "knowledge, but these knowledge is purely from a technical point of view of narrow sense, tell you how to make your site" stand up ", belong to the lowest level, not from the Internet strategic planning website and network management project.

3, male.

6, student.

question five: Based on a clear audience positioning, what design features do you want the website to have?



8, others.


5, login speed >

3, quite complicated.

3, a large number of graphics and animation, ignore the login speed.

1 advertise for your business.


1, industry and commerce, professionals.

It is reported that

1, content oriented, design professional, careful.

According to Ali mother

7, everyone.

so, how exactly do you plan to make a profitable site,

5, to make their business to the world.


2, female.

, the plan in advance will be aimed at the financial, automotive and sports industry website, to meet the standards of the site will be classified by industry% 103 package, which refers to anyone who is Ali mother "Three Guarantees" plans to select categories of sites, all such website will be "bought" advertising. The site does not have the flow of advertising and advertising environment size to meet the requirements of the standard.

question three: do you want or need an independent domain name?

question four: who is your main target audience,

if you’ve made up your mind to develop online, you don’t know where to start. OK, here are some questions. If you have a clear answer to each question, then your online strategy and website plan will have a cool blueprint, and next you’ll see how you can implement this blueprint.

previously, Alibaba group’s company, Ali mother has launched the "three package" program, that is, "Bao Yingli, package payment, package recommendation", the industry believes that the advertising rules of the framers. Recently, Ali mother announced, for feedback to the majority of the webmaster, Ali mother launched at the beginning of the "three package" plan support, will put tens of millions of yuan to start "new three package" plan.

2, visual design, new, fast login.

question two: how big is your site size?

3, the establishment of a public service.

5, children.


building a website, which issues should I pay attention to, or why you build a website? How do you plan the soul of your website – content?

4, propaganda for an idea, an idea, a cause.

question 1: what’s the purpose of your website?

4, pay attention to visual design, and also very quickly.

2, sales of products and services.

4 is extremely large and complex.

general manager Wu Yongming introduction, as long as have a stable environment to meet the classification standards of advertising will be three packets, Ali mother professional team will join the appropriate category for guide website, into the "New Three Guarantees" website, Ali mother in the idle period between the advertisement will buy advertising, to ensure that these sites has stable advertising revenue. Some analysts believe that the move to Ali mother after it entered the brand advertising market ready, intended for the "national network" products to ensure that more resources relative to advertisers will enhance the effect of advertising coverage.

There are many online

1, very small, there is a website on the line.

2 begins with the smallest size and then develops step by step.

4, teenagers.